Boston in the fall

You know you love a city when:

  1. You walk from one end to the other taking photos from sun up until sun down (with no regard to the aching in your feet or legs).
  2. You take over 700 photos in a matter of 48 hours (really less than that if you subtract sleep).
  3. It comes time to leave and you contemplate booking an extra night at the hotel…
  4. You stay until the last possible second, close down the shops, have one last dinner…and if you don’t get an extra night at the hotel, you will be driving into the night to get home…
This past weekend I visited Boston to enjoy fall and take pictures. It has always been one of my favorite cities and this trip was no exception. As you will see by the photos below, I was able to do so much in the time I was there! I walked from the inner harbor to the Harvard Bridge, stopping at Faneuil Hall, Boston Commons, the Public Library, Old South Church, Copley Square, and the Prudential Center. I perused nearly every street in Back Bay looking for my future apartment šŸ˜‰ AND of course, consumed WAY too much food in the North End and Quincy Market. Along the way I met the friendliest people. It was wonderful to meet people while waiting for a table or having a drink, and have them be genuinely interested in making conversation. So grab a coffee (or a pumpkin ale), sit back, and enjoy the photos! If you are anything like me, they will have you wanting to visit the city. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t already going through Pizzeria Regina and Modern Pastry withdrawal!!



Delilah - Pizzeria Regina!!! YES! Your love for the city translated perfectly through these pictures!!!

Nal Nals - You certainly have a gift for catching little, beautiful moments. I love all these photos! Can’t wait to come visit you in Boston šŸ˜‰ xoxo

Lindsay - These are fun!!!!!!!!

Laura Persico - Miss – these are absolutely gorgeous! I want to print them out and hang them in my apartment!!

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