Erica & David’s Albany, NY Wedding

Erica and David were recently married at St. John’s Church in Rensselaer. We started off the day with some getting ready shots of Erica in her bridal suite where she had a hair stylist and makeup artist. From there we headed to the church which was close by. St. John’s is a large, gorgeous church on the inside and they had it decorated for fall. They had a bagpiper outside of the church welcoming guests to the wedding. After the ceremony we stopped by a nearby school for some portraits of the bridal party. Erica and David’s house was the next street over from the school and they wanted to get a few photos with their two dogs. The dogs were so excited when we arrived but we got them to calm down for a few pictures. I think the photo of Erica and David walking them down the sidewalk is so cute with their house in the background. The guests had a great time at the cocktail hour and the reception and Erica and David win the award for the best smelling wedding cake ever! It was definitely a treat for chocolate lovers, all you could smell was chocolate within a four foot radius. Thank you to Erica and David for including me in your day! Congratulations!



Delilah - You know my favorite pictures are the one with the puppies and the one with the food…typical! hahaha…I love seeing your work!

Mom - Beautiful!

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