The Importance of an Engagement Session

A lot of couples find themselves in the same situation – newly engaged and deciding whether or not to have engagement photos taken. It’s important to me to educate my clients so they have the best overall wedding photography experience. I understand the investment couples are making in photography and I want their experience to EXCEED their expectations! To help couples understand the process as a whole, I like to start at the beginning. It starts with an engagement session! I strongly encourage my clients to do an engagement session because it gives us the chance to work together before the wedding day arrives. This is huge!! I’ve been fortunate to work with many couples that love having their engagement photos done and we have a lot of fun with their sessions! Occasionally, I also have couples that aren’t sure what the perks are to having engagement photos done…and that’s understandable! That’s where I can help my clients stay informed as to what the benefits are. Getting a collection of beautiful portraits is just one of the many perks to an engagement session but there are so many reasons they are essential!

  1. Getting comfortable in front of the camera –the couples I work with are everyday couples with no experience being in front of the camera. It’s typical and normal to feel camera shy at first. We all do. The engagement session allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera without the pressure of a wedding day timeline. Being able to genuinely open up and feel confident comes with practice! For the session you can pick a location that has sentimental meaning to you or a place you love. It takes some time for the coupe to get warmed up to the camera. When couples have an engagement session, they’ve already had practice posing and being in front of the camera so we don’t have to take that extra time getting warmed up on the wedding day. This is so important when working with limited time on a wedding day. After an engagement session, the bride and groom will be ready to roll when it’s portrait time on the wedding day!
  2. Spending time together – I always tell couples to look at the engagement session as a mini-date. I like to help my clients think outside the box when it comes to choosing a location for the engagement session. The more creative, the better. I’ve shot engagement sessions on the college campus where the couple met, fun downtown locations, an ice cream shop, and a winery…just to name a few! We can go to a unique location that reflects who you are as a couple! Maybe somewhere you went when you were dating. After many wedding-related appointments, decisions, conversations, and projects, the engagement session is the perfect way to take a break from wedding planning and simply enjoy spending some time together.
  3. Capturing your everyday relationship – your wedding photos capture a once in a lifetime event whereas your engagement photos document your everyday love. The engagement session is a great way to celebrate your engagement and document the special time in your lives.  After all, many couples aren’t engaged for long. The photos can be used for Save the Dates, engagement announcements, and for extra decor in your home. For some couples, the engagement photos are the only quality portraits they have of the two of them. This is the perfect way to add some framed prints to your home. Also, a lot of couples use their engagement photos to make a guest book or to display as a canvas at the wedding reception.
  4. Getting to know your photographer – the engagement session is for having fun and getting to know your photographer. I love getting to know my clients and hearing their story! It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to get comfortable with one another.  Getting to know each other beforehand makes for an even better wedding day experience! My goal is to capture a couple’s true emotions, laughter, and the essence of their relationship. The better I know my clients, the better I can capture their true personalities! I have so much fun with my couples during their engagement sessions and it’s when some of my favorite memories with couples are made. We have a lot of laughs and they leave me even more excited to capture the wedding day!!

I strongly encourage my clients to do engagement sessions because it gives us a chance to work together before their wedding day. Not only will you come away with beautiful photos of the two of you but we will be able to develop a sense of comfort and trust between us. It will allow us to get to know each other better, so I’m not showing up as a stranger on your wedding day. Every couple deserves an engagement session to document the special time in their lives and have the best possible wedding day experience! And every couple deserves a wedding photographer they click with!

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