Dawn and Andy’s Wedding in Syracuse, NY

Congratulations to Dawn and Andy! They were married just over a week ago in Syracuse, NY. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Peace Church which was beautiful inside and out. I had a great day photographing the two of them and getting to know the wedding party.

Dawn was such a stunning bride. Her dress was gorgeous and it fit her like a glove!




Cheers to being husband and wife!




The reception was held at the Craftsman Inn in Fayetteville. Dawn and Andy picked an awesome playlist for the night. They chose the Rascal Flatts song “Here” for their first dance together. As you can see, their happiness was contagious.


Dawn and her son had a special dance together. They danced to the Rascal Flatts song “My Wish” which I also love.



Dawn and Andy, thank you so much for letting me spend your wedding day with you. I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek!



Dawn Nagen-Solamon - Lovely pictures!

Lynne D'Urso - Miss, I am so proud of you. Still remember that day that we shot all of those pictures in Saratoga!! Coming to NY to see Mom in January and I certainly hope to see you as well. Best of luck!!

Joan A. Nagen - simply beautiful! Of course you had two very nice subjects, Melissa. Dawn, I loved your gown! Welcome to our family honey! “Mom” Nagen

Lisa Callisto - Beautiful original photos! I have seen similar photography lately, and am very impressed with how unique yours and their vision is! Looking forward to seeing more.

Nal Nals - Great pictures Missy May! I especially love the one of them walking down the steps – the way her dress falls. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

Judy Burnett - Beautiful pics. They look so happy!!

Barb White - oops….sorry for the repeat…didn’t think it went the first time…Barb….

Barb White - Great job Melissa !!! You caught so many different expressions on people’s faces…loved it. I can’t wait to see all the rest. R U going to be another Annie Liebowicz (sp) !!! Good Luck !!

Barb White (Dawn's Mom) - Melissa, these are wonderful. You caught some great expressions on people’s faces, and some different poses. Keep up the great work….can’t wait to see all the rest !!!! R U about to be another Annie Liebowicz (sp) ???????????

Bonnie Buccina - beautiful pictures … nice job!!!

Dawn D'Eredita-Nagen - Melissa:
Thank you so much for sharing these photos. They are excellent!!! We are truly grateful that you were able to shoot our wedding photos and they are truly unique in their own way. Perfect!!
Everyone has commented on how great they are.
We love ya! Thanks so much

Dawn and Andy

Theresa Capria - The pictures are gorgeous! I love the black and white one of Dawn and Mitchell it is so unique! Melissa got some great shots that you don’t always see which is nice! She does awesome work!

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