In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas

A glimpse into my home during the holidays. As some of the songs go, it is a season to be full of happiness and good cheer. I love all that the holiday entails, from the lights and decorations, to the homemade cookies, the parties, and the children bursting with excitement. Most importantly, it is my favorite time of the year because it is the perfect occasion to celebrate love!




Judy Glassanos - Missy,
Your photographs are beautiful!

jim traub (your mom's friend) - I love your website and what a great job your doing!! The pictures are outstanding.

Nal Nals - really nice holiday photos! puts me back in the christmas spirit! now i just have to wait another year. . .

Paula - las fotos son preciosas !! enhorabuena por el trabajo !! love you Missy !!

Linda G - Missy- I love the soft light you used in the photos. And a really great photo of Jazzy!

erin and robert - The pics look great, but isn’t Mike going to wonder where his stocking is? Ha-ha! Sad we’re missing you guys this weekend.

Seth - I MISS YOUUUUUU!!! You are doing an awesome job Miss.

Aldie - kitty :) great pics, miss <3

Jenn - These pics are beautiful! What a warm, snuggly Christmas you’ll have! Jazzy looks comfy :)

Lindsay - I want to snuggle the kitty!!!

Mom - Great job Missy. You have an amazing talent! Love you

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