Ithaca is Gardens

In Ithaca, the gorges are a defining part of the landscape and a source of fame for the area. The “Ithaca is Gorges” phrase is now well-known as it is found on many t-shirts and bumper stickers. Even after living in Ithaca for four years, visiting the parks never gets old. Photographing the parks, however, can get old. After inviting my grandfather to Ithaca to shoot with me, I had to come up with a unique location to photograph. A friend suggested visiting the botanical garden at Cornell which worked out wonderfully. My grandpa and I had a lot of fun shooting together. The weather turned out to be beautiful for our outing and the company was great as well. My grandma and dad walked around the garden with us while we took pictures. Here are a few from the day.


My dad and I also visited the Cayuga Nature Center while he was here.

I’m so lucky that my family was able to visit. After being out in the sun and shooting many pictures, Purity Ice Cream in Ithaca was the perfect way to end the day! After all, it’s only fair to show your grandparents all that Ithaca has to offer…



Mom - Missy, gorgeous photos as usual! I bet it was fun to impress Grandpa because when you were little you were always on the other side of that camera! Good job and way to end the day with ice cream…

Nal Nals - Purity is definitely an Ithaca staple…can’t leave town without a taste! Pictures are beautiful yet again! But, really, am I that surprised?? Loved the butterfly and the close up on the black eyed susans(?) (i always forget the names of flowers)

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