It was great to be able to meet Kaida and her parents at the park for some newborn pics. She took her time arriving while her parents waited anxiously. She was two weeks old on the day of the session and she slept through the whole thing! I think her parents would agree that this cute little baby girl was well worth the wait!



Delilah - these are PERFECT baby pictures — going back to the previous convo we had. You captured the emotion the parents felt and the joy of being new parents!!

Nal Nals - What a little cutie! Great job Miss!

Lindsay - the last photo says it all!

Jennifer - How cute! I LOVE the last 3 pics.

Mom - Amazing! Imagine… My little girl is now taking photos of other people’s little girls…….. great job Baby!

Linda Davis - My little granddaughter looks so adorable in your pics.

Casandra - Oh my goodness, these are wonderful!!! You are so awesome and I really can’t wait to see more :)

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