Lora and Brian’s Wedding in Binghamton, NY

Congratulations to Lora and Brian! I had a wonderful time photographing their wedding day. They were both as sweet and easy going as could be.

Here is Lora with her mom just moments before she put her dress on.



At most weddings the bride is scurrying around until it’s time to leave for the ceremony.  This was not the case with Lora. She was ready with time to spare so she helped put the finishing touches on all of her loved ones. It made me laugh to see Lora helping everyone else get prepared!


Although it was rainy at the beginning of the day, we were able to get outside after the ceremony for some photos of the bride and groom.


During the reception all of the married couples were called out onto the dance floor. As the dj called out 5 years, 10, years, 20 years the couples had to leave the dance floor when their anniversary was up. The last couple on the dance floor had been married for 64 years and the couple here was a very close second. Lora honored both couples by giving them flowers.


This is one of my favorite shots of the night. I love the way Lora’s toes and her nose are crinkled. Not to mention the way that she is staring at Brian in complete adoration…


Thank you to Lora and Brian and Lisa Walsh for letting me be a part of your special day. Wishing you many years of happiness!



Grandma & Grandpa Ball - We love your pictures and your Christmas decorations..Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.Love Grandma & Grandpa Ball

Judi H. - Hi Missy! Allison and Laura told me to take a peek at you Web site…I am so glad I did! You took a few photos at my graduation party with your amazing camera and I really did love those, but these wedding photos are truly incredible. You have such a talent and I really enjoyed seeing your work! Stay in touch :)

Grandpa & Grandma Ball - Photographs are the most intimate records we have of the important people and events in our lives. You are using your talent to make it happen. Your beautiful pictures are telling the story. Grandpa and Grandma Ball

Aldie - Miss! Gorgeous pictures. You are so talented. :-)

Jed - Outstanding photographs. I am very impressed…..Jed

Mom - Missy I am so excited to see your dreams and goals become a reality! Your photos and captions give everyone a glimpse of what a beautiful heart and soul you have. Love you 20 million. Mom

Delilah - This work is absolutely AMAZING and any bride/groom/client would be extremely lucky to have you shoot their event. I am so proud of your work and I hope you keep following your goals and dreams–I can tell it’s your passion..it shows in the pictures.

Jenn - Your blog looks great! Lovin the logo! Awesome pics – keep up all the hard work! You’re on your way!

Nal Nals - Missy May – your photos are beautiful! I think my favorites are the ones on the bridge. Sometimes the more ordinary things make the best pictures. Lora and Brian are lucky to have such (wonderfully) creative wedding photos!

Dad - Awesome job! I’m proud of you!! Love Dad

Linda G - Missy: Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!! Your photos are clear and crisp. Great job!

Darrel - Really nice and impressive, Missy! You truly have style!………..D

Lindsay Whitt - These photos are exquisite! Missy, you have such a talent for capturing the grace of a moment and turning it into something beautiful. Lora and Brian must feel very blessed to have had such a creative individual capturing their special memories on film. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more of your photography in the future!

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