Rise and Shine

Last weekend I traveled to Cape Cod to shoot a wedding. I spent a few days at a hotel on Colony Beach in Dennis. For my entire drive to the Cape it was pouring out and it did not stop the first night I spent there. The rain was so heavy that the puddles were splashing up over the top of the car as I was driving down side roads. Needless to say, it made traveling a little bit more difficult. My clothes were soaked after I went out to get dinner and it was not much fun unpacking my luggage during that. I went to bed fairly early that night and I woke up around 6:30 the next morning. I really wanted to sleep in because I had the wedding that day but when I looked outside and saw the sun wasn’t up yet, I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a sweatshirt, my camera and down to the beach I went. A few hotels over I saw two senior citizens waiting for the sun to come up and other than that the beach was empty and quiet. It was like waking up in a brand new place after the weather the day before. I began snapping pictures and next thing I knew a few hours had passed. It was so relaxing to be able to walk around the beach and enjoy that morning calm. There is definitely something to be said for getting up at that hour…every once in a while!



Mom - Wow, I can’t believe you got all of these shots while I was still sound asleep! Beautiful images…..

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